Campervans for Hire in the UK

Renting a luxury automatic campervan in the UK or Europe, is easily one of the most flexible and easily manageable ways of visiting many parts of the UK.

Prices for hiring a campervan in the UK are comparable to B&B/hotel prices anywhere in England.

Flexible Motorhome Hire From Bristol to Explore the UK

The incredible flexibility to take off in unknown directions to explore as yet only read about places makes this form of travel such an exciting opportunity for adventure. Hiring a motorhome from Funky B motorhomes in Bristol gives you that flexibility and freedom to roam, explore and discover. The surrounding areas of Bristol are readily accessible; it is only a couple of hours drive to reach any one of South Wales, the Cotswolds, Devon, Somerset, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire and for an extra hours driving you can drive your gloriously retro Mercedes Hymer motorhome to Cornwall or the Gower peninsula in South Wales. The South-West of England has some truly stunning spectacles to uncover so check out motorhome rental from Funky B as soon as you can – it will be well worth your while.

Imagine Your Campervan in Your Most Dreamed of Sunset Location in the South-West

To set an imaginary scene then … there is no greater end to the day than pulling up to stop with the view from the windscreen exactly the one you want and turning around putting on a couple of lights opening the fridge and pouring a glass of wine whilst discussing the days many amazing moments. This should then be followed by the creation of a light evening meal to be consumed as the sun sets over your favoured Vista.

Don’t Miss the best bits of the UK by Driving Past Them and Not Even Know They are There

When most of us arrive in a new country it is by air. We then either hire a car or travel to our hotel in our airport transfer or taxi. This convenience has its drawbacks. We predetermine what it is that we view of our chosen destination before we even leave the comfort of our home. In a world of so many choices this is not such a bad option, however so much can be missed without on the ground knowledge of the place we are visiting.

How much better would it be to arrive and immediately be presented with the keys to our own personal hotel on wheels. To then immediately immerse ourselves in the local culture and customs via the road system and campsites available. Even in the process of this moving away from the airport there are endless possibilities and limitless potential for discovering the unknown.

Campervans For Rent - Funky B UK

Campervans and motorhomes provide the opportunity to hire a piece of mind that is, I believe, unavailable in any other form of transport. Renting an automatic campervan with a huge windscreen and a massively comfortable pilots chair for the driver provides the discerning traveler with the ability to immediately begin to unwind whilst taking in the best the country has to offer.

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Happy travels.